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Sports Packages

Our Sports Packages make your trip simple. Combining hotels, transfers, event tickets, bonus offers plus airfares where applicable, simply choose whichever sports package suits your needs best.
Plus we can always customise them for you too!

Featured packages

American Classics

A trip to America is made incredible with attending a classic sporting event. An NFL game, perhaps NHL or NBA, how about Nascar? Contact us today to discuss!

United States of America Various 2022 & 2023 On application

Tuscany in a classic Mercedes-Benz

Discover Tuscany at the wheel of a classic Mercedes-Benz SL (W113 and R107). We accompany you over gentle hills and cypress avenues through the art-historical heart of Tuscany and to selected wineries. Experience Italy at its finest!

Milan, Italy 15 - 19 September 2022 From $3,350 pp share twin/double

Tuscany: Experience the “Gran Premio Nuvolari” live with Alfa Romeo

This trip includes all the highlights of a vintage car trip to southern Tuscany. Tazio Nuvolari was a racing legend during his lifetime already. In his honour the course of Mille Miglia was modified with part of the race now being held as “Gran Premio Nuvolari”. This trip across autumnal Tuscany allows you to see the historic Mille Miglia race cars at the remake of the “Gran Premio Nuvolari”.

Florence, Italy 15 - 18 September 2022 From $2,699 pp share twin/double

Targa Florio Tribute Tour with Alfa Romeo

This tour is built entirely around the famous Targa Florio, with directions that lead you northwest through Sicily. You will stay in Cefalú for the beginning of our excursions on the historic crossroads of the “Gran Circuito del Madonie”. In Palermo you will experience the opening celebration of the Targa Florio and the start of the rally at the “Museo Storico dei Motori”.

Palermo, Sicily 10 - 14 October 2022 From $3,595 pp share twin/double

Berchesgaden Tour with VW Beetle

This trip will take you into some of the most beautiful areas of the Alps: clear mountain streams, green lakes, steep cliffs, romantic gorges, colourful fields, green fir trees and the very best winding mountain passes. The Wellness Oasis at your hotel allows you to look out over the rooftops of Berchtesgaden and just relax.

Bavaria Daily departures From $699 pp share twin/double

Experience Lake Maggiore with Mercedes-Benz

Italy’s second largest lake lures with a beautiful Riviera and a Mediterranean ambience. Narrow mountain roads contrast with palm-lined shores promenades, Belle Époque villas and English gardens contrast with the archaic-looking villages. This high-contrast tour has a lot to offer and leaves nothing to be desired.

Milan, Italy 25 - 28 August & 01 - 04 September 2022 From $3,350 pp share twin/double

Heard about an upcoming event?

If you have heard rumours of a special event taking place, chances are so have we, and we can find out more through our supplier channels. Simply get in touch with us and let us do the digging for you!

Custom packages

Love our package offers, but want to make your Sport Escape a bit more unique? Simply get in touch with us, and we will custom make your holiday.  Be it ticket upgrades, hotel upgrades, add on a rental car or cruise, you name it, we can help. Simply get in touch today and we can have a chat, or a coffee, and run through what you are after.